Accessing India Advantage

Profiting from India

India is now amongst world's largest and most preferred source of life sciences products and services. Going beyond the dilemma created by aura of snazzy brochures, websites and marketing materials, we use our insights and knowledge networks to choose the most competent suppliers to maximize profits from Outsourcing products or services, forging high-value Strategic Alliances / Acquisitions or Opening up huge Indian Market for your offerings with the most suitable channels and partners.

India | Outsourcing for Competetive Edge

We help you derive maximum advantage from India's global edge (exports of 25.4 Bio US$ in 2022-23) and prominence in Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Dental Devices and Healthcare. Using our niche knowledge of highly competent 'hidden gems' and ability to build relationships with key management / stakeholders, we facilitate high growth strategic partnerships that translates into a bigger profits, faster delivery / timelines and sustained competitive advantage.

Efficiently Build and Manage Outsourcing Alliances

We have garnered extensive ground level experience, by being integral part of large global Indian companies and successfully delivered numerous projects working with diverse global / western companies of varied sizes, geographical origin and focus which has sharpened our understanding of each side’s mindset and expectations. This unique dual-side (Indian and Western) experience allows us to unleash truly profitable business value by bridging the big gap between Indian deliverables and western expectations. Tweaking alignment and building harmonious cross-functional working avoids expensive pitfalls that otherwise can render projects non-competitive and non-viable (seriously affecting timeliness, quality and costs and difficult to correct).


Local Indian Presence | Significant Efficiency Improvement:

As your local (Indian) arm we protect your business interests and undertake deep assessment and gather pertinent information for identification of issues and suggest most pragmatic and impactful solutions facilitating informed decision making and ensuring realistic and effective implementation.


  • As your local eyes and ears, we provide deep insights and information on-ground competition, pricing, technical issues and supply chain issues. distribution channels etc.
  • Streamline operations by resolving bottlenecks in  Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain etc.
  • Seeking opportunities for enhancing revenues and profitability by finding new profitable partnerships and improved COGs
  • Diversifying in new products or value-added services most helpful for gaining momentum
  • Rapidly reducing supply risk by finding best-fit alternate / 2nd / 3rd source of API / FDF


  • Sourcing of API’s, Formulations and Intermediates from India
  • Identification & selection of Supplier / Partner for CMO, CDMO, offshore R&D Lab for CRAMS, Clinical Trials etc.
  • Evaluate suppliers based consistency, efficiency, economy and extensive audits of quality systems / GMP compliance
  • In-Licensing / getting Distribution or Marketing rights of Products in International Markets
  • Audit of dossiers for completeness and compliance with requisite regulations
  • Project Management for setting up Greenfield/Brownfield Facility
  • Enter New Countries
  • Build Global Alliance Network
  • Expand Distribution Channel
  • Out & In License Products
  • Access Niche, Orphan, Rare Products rights
  • Get CMO / CDMO / Tech Transfer Projects
  • Get GMP Approvals from Global Authorities
  • Create Global Quality Systems
  • Find API / FDF Suppliers
  • Third Party Vendor Quality Audits
  • Trigger EU GMP and EUQP / QPPV Audits
  • Respond Regulatory Queries
  • Get Product Registrations / MAs
  • You Succeed
for International Growth