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Knowledge & Experience

Who We Are

We are knowledge led business development experts driving international business growth through synergistic global alliances within India and internationally.

Through our expertise, key insights and specialised knowledge, we help harness promising opportunities and professionally manage entire outsourcing of products and services from India and Asia.

Using our 30+ years experience working closely with the world’s most stringent regulators, we help build compliant Quality Systems and Regulatory expertise.

Growth Enablers

What We Offer

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Global Business Development

We open gateways for synergistic growth from international markets with the right-fit partners through:

  1. Geographical Expansion
  2. Product Portfolio Expansion
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Profiting from India

Derive maximum advantage from India from Strategic Partnerships for:

  1. Outsourcing Products & Services
  2. JV, M&A and Stragetic partnerships
  3. Entering huge Indian market
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Global Quality Systems

With over 30 years of experience closely working with the world’s top regulators, we help in:

  1. Undertaking Assessment
  2. Quality Compliance
  3. Obtaining Global Accreditation
    of API, FDF and CRO facilities.
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Global Regulatory Affairs

With experience of filing 4500+ dossiers globally, we provide complete Product Dossier services right from preparation, assessment, filing, query response until grant of MA / Registration, Third Party Dossier Audits, Pre-qualification programs of Global Procurement Agencies.

  • Enter New Countries
  • Build Global Alliance Network
  • Expand Distribution Channel
  • Out & In License Products
  • Access Niche, Orphan, Rare Products rights
  • Get CMO / CDMO / Tech Transfer Projects
  • Get GMP Approvals from Global Authorities
  • Create Global Quality Systems
  • Find API / FDF Suppliers
  • Third Party Vendor Quality Audits
  • Trigger EU GMP and EUQP / QPPV Audits
  • Respond Regulatory Queries
  • Get Product Registrations / MAs
  • You Succeed
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